Monday, April 28, 2014

Leaders at Avery School

Good evening,

Across our school system, caring adults work to support the development of our children as leaders. Following the study of Steven Covey's, The Leader in Me, the staff at Avery created a student leadership program that has grown in leaps in bounds over the course of the year.  Dr. Tony Arnold shared, "We want to foster leadership skills in our students in as many ways as possible.  If every student at Avery is in a leadership role, we will be helping cultivate confident, caring, high-achieving, and capable leaders for Avery and the future."

Avery Leaders, Silas Barry, Sidney Pearl, and Aubrey Ramsbottom take 
down the American Flag at dismissal.

Avery Leader, Eleanor Szevery, serves as a Speaker Leader for Kindergarten Open House.

What follows are Eleanor's heartfelt words of encouragement and wisdom she shared with the large crowd at Kindergarten Open House:

Hello, Avery KDG Parents and Guests!  

Welcome to our KDG Open House. My name is Eleanor Szevery. I am a 1st grader and a proud Avery Speaker Leader.  I am happy to be here this evening to share with you a little bit about kindergarten and our wonderful school.

Before we begin, do we have any birthdays in the house?  Okay, then…
Not very long ago, I too was a kindergartner.  Now, looking back at kindergarten, my favorite memories are Art and recess.  In Art we made alligators using rectangles, squares, triangles, and circles.

One piece of advice I would give your Kindergartner is that it’s really fun because you get to have the 100th Day of School.

Now, I will hand it over to our principal, Dr. Arnold. 

Thank you!